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Pool Deck Coatings

A refreshing pool deck is a priority for many pool owners. The best pool deck should stay cool in the hottest seasons. The temperature of the deck, however, depends on the texture, color, and material of the surface. Most technicians will recommend a light pool deck to reflect away heat during summer. Choosing the color is, however, not always as straightforward as you wish because one may also want to include their preference in the choice.

How to choose the color of pool deck coatings

There is a delicate science to picking the color of our pool’s deck. A pool with a light blue and pristine color will have a dramatic and beautiful contrast with a darker blue or grey on the ground surface. You can, however, opt for a white or light color to enhance cooling or to create a specific theme with the water. Here is how different colors marry the blue of your pool.

Blue and gray tones

A single shade of blue or grey is dull and boring. Adding a darker accent of blue or gray makes for a weathered hue and sophisticated poolside. These additions also add volume to the deck and create the perfect relaxation outdoor.

Sandy white or beige

Color shades of white or beige are some of the most popular color schemes of pool deck coatings and do not need complicated painting schemes or color matching. They evoke the feeling and appearance of a sandy beach, hence make the space engaging and comfortable for the ultimate poolside comfort. These shades also reflect sunlight to maintain cool temperatures.

Earthy tone

Earthy tones are the best trend while creating the effect of a natural poolside. These colors blend exquisitely with your backyard without a sharp contrast. Shades of brown and tan create an awesome pool deck that induces a relaxed demeanor during all seasons.

What are the different coloring techniques of pool decks?  

Acid stain

A chemical or acid stain is the most versatile coloring technique of concrete pool decks. You can use it to add a mild color hue or bolder color accents. Staining is the best option when you want to use a manual application process because it does not require many toolkits.

Integral coloring

Integral color mixes are the best for enhancing the color of the exterior deck. This case means that pools on the hotter side of the state benefit because they will not require regular maintenance and refinishing.

Water coloring

Water pigments and acrylics penetrate the concrete to give a permanent lasting color. The technique has a broad spectrum of shades and colors that give you the freedom for any color theme.

Dry color scheme

Dry coloring is a natural option for concrete pool decks. It has a realistic blend with the stone and gives an intense and concentrated look on the deck’s surface.

Begin choosing the best color by observing the pool’s color from a distance. Standard pool colors like dark blue, green, or light blue will work well with the above guidance. We have six complimentary and high-quality color options at the most affordable prices. Pick them up soon at the nearest delivery station.

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